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Calsavers Sacramento

Calsavers Sacramento

Calsavers for Californians is the latest retirement program introduced to benefit underserved employees by not being offered any retirement plans by their employers. Sacramento Calsaver is a state-owned program designed to offset the retirement crisis in the U.S. To build a path for financial security in the future, enroll in a simple, trustable, and customizable plan available for any employees above +18.

We are the first company to find a way to help employers and employees, both to strengthen their lifestyle and career opportunities by their calsavers plan. 401k plan is business-sponsored, provides you consultations, and a tax-advantaged plan by offering employers control of their company, driving their way to success, and relieving you from dealing with 5500's audits and rest.

Our calsavers program provides the best retirement savings opportunity for employees that will secure not only your future by deducting the amount from your salary and putting in a calsaver's account but also investing in potential growth options.

Highlights of our Calsaver program:

For employers:

  • Businesses that decide to go for our program get the advantage of free of cost registration plus 30 days state and federal tax credits recovery.

  • Our program will mold the future of your company and employees. For the employer's membership, we charge $499 per month.

  • With your preferred rates, we can negotiate and help retain, recruit, and reward your company's most competent employees, restoring your image.

  • We take the burden off your shoulder with no employers fee, exempting you from fiduciary and minimal ongoing responsibilities.

  • An easy and portable way to decide retirement plans for your employees and can have matching contributions.

  • In $5000, you can gain enterprise membership and purchase our plan for an entire year, saving up to $998.

  • This feasible and beneficial plan will encourage employees to opt for it, and within 1000 employees, this plan will cover all your fees.

  • You might reap economies of scale by an increased production level as your employees are ultra satisfied and don't want to run after your competitors. We provide consultants so that we are here to help you with our best service if you have any queries.

For employees:

  • Before going for our calsaver plan, you can enroll and have a month for trial. After your trial period, you can go for enhanced membership or ultimate value membership.

  • Enhanced membership allows you to tell us the things you want us to do for you along with your employer's name, and we can provide you guidance and the best way. Doing so will help you bear fruits faster and improve. You can ask us numerous questions, receive concierge services and future opportunities. For enhanced membership, we charge you $7.99 per month.

  • In $4.99, you can receive ultimate value membership. To get your hands on our best services, let us know your choices and employer's name, and we'll begin from there.

  • It's an entirely voluntary program without employers enforcement. We provide ROTH for all employees, which means contributions are made after-tax is deducted, and in retirement, withdrawals are accessible without being charged.

  • For pre-tax income deduction, you can expect to get less income tax in a year.

Save your future with our right plan at your doorstep. To avail tax advantage, 2% net of fees, advice from expertise, the tax benefit for owners, and employers contributions, contact calsavers Sacramento; the 401k company to take control of your future because we are here to make the best for employees and employers. 858-220-1505

Calsavers Sacramento
The 401k Plan Company
(562) 344-5469
Calsavers Sacramento
1215 San Elijo Road
San Marcos CA 92078 US

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Calsavers Sacramento